Saturday, April 7, 2012

Peddle Power......on Land

Continuing the bicycle theme we have real bicycles for land.

Simple vintage Bicycle with worn out painted metals. Bell on the handle bars that dings on touch and a light on the front that will automatically turn on and off depending on the time of day.

For couples that want to ride together, there is a tandum version with two seats.

The Tandum Bicycle has synced peddling animations for both people on the bike. Controls can be switched from one person to the other, without getting off the bicycle, so both can share the driving.

Rezzer versions also availble. Made using mesh.
Single seat Bicycle has a Land Impact of 11, Tandum Bicycle's Land Impact is 12.

Available at our inworld shop to try and test or on the marketplace.

Peddle Power on Water

It's been a while again and we have a number of new items, starting with a peddle boat, the Hydrobike

This junk boat is made up of floating pods tied together by chunky bars, but for power to move the boat it uses a bicycle on top. The bicycle is chained to the spinning metal peddles on the back to push forward slowly.

Because of the lack of a second seat, a passenger of the Hydrobike has to stand behind the driver and hang on tight.

The Hydrobike is the first of TUFF's mesh items with many more to come. It has a Land Impact of 14.
Visit the inworld shop to try and buy or can be bought on the marketplace. Also available in red.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lazing on the Waters

A rustic old village houseboat ready for living in.

Includes two areas, a large inside area and a smaller outside area at the front. Inside has window blinds on the middle windows which includes a serpent sown on the fabric, and 2 windows at the front and back of the cabin. Windows, blinds, and door have security built into them with several security options to choose from.

Windows can be blocked for a more private setting, the window blinds will close for privacy and can be manually operated too. Uses 11x26m of ground space and build includes sculpted prims.

The Houseboat can be found at our inworld shop and on the marketplace.

Lounge Set

For lazing around on a used chair, we have our new Used Lounge.

The Use Lounge is made from sculpts. Lounge has faded and worn fabrics with a rustic wood trim. Each pillow on the lounge has multiple sit animations which are selected using a touch menu. A cuddle animation is included.

The set comes with 3 seater (8 Prims) and a single seater (6 Prims) lounges.

Use Lounge Set is available at out inworld store and on the marketplace.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shopping & Gifting Centre

Not long ago we opened up our Shopping & Gifting Centre at our inworld shop. The Centre is a skybox that has tiles of our items grouped together that can be bought or gifted to other people.

The Centre is split across 2 levels, the upper level holds all our boats and is the TP spot, the lower level is the Home & Garden area for all our other items.

To gift an up to date viewer is required to handle the new Textbox feature. Information about buying and gifting is located around the Centre.

To get to the Centre, follow this link or use the teleport signs at each of our sim TP Hubs.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wind Power

For collecting wind in a rustic setting, we have our new Old Windmill.

The Old Windmill uses the simulator wind and will face the direction of the wind and spin faster or slower depending on wind speed. Using the Control Box on the lower part of the central pole the dynamic spinning from simulator wind can be turned on and off.

On the lower platform is a sit animation.

The Old Windmill uses 18 prims with sculpts and has a ground space of 9.5 x 9.5m.
Can be found at our inworld shop and on the marketplace.

The Lighthouse

Lighting the way is our new Old Wood Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a large wood building standing 42m high.

Sitting at the top is a light beam that spins around with a light glow. On the base is a generator, old and spilling smoke, the generator is connected to the light beam up the top by spinning poles through the centre of the building.

The main room near the top has doors made from scrap tin and slightly boarded up windows. The doors have security built in and can be left open.

Door settings and operations are controled by the Control Box in the main room. By default the main operations which handles the generator and light beam turn on and off depending on sim time, turning on when dark, or operations can be forced on or off.

An offsim version is also available which sits inside a rocky reef. The offsim has reduced features including doors/security but has an added standing cuddle animation on the top deck.

The lighthouse uses a ground space of 18x18m. 69 prims and is built using sculpted and mega prims. Both insim and offsim versions can be found at our inworld shop or on the marketplace.

Model 2 Rowboat Release & Cuddle Rowboat Update

It's been a while since the last update, first up the release of the Model 2 Rowboat.

The Model 2 Rowboat is a high quality rowboat that can change textures with 5 schemes built in. Colour scheme change uses 1 script and is availble in the personal boat using the owner menu and the rezzer version which is clickable on the main face.

Introducing a new feature with the rowboat is the ability to drive the boat while cuddling on the pillows. While rowing the driver can touch the boat and change Position to one of the cuddle pillows and back again. Sitting directly on a cuddle pillow will leave the boat idle.
The Model 2 also has a fishing animation seat and rod giver built in.

The Model 2 Rowboat can be found at our inworld shop or on the marketplace.

With the release of the Model 2 Rowboat and the drivable cuddle feature, we have updated all our cuddle rowboats with this new feature. Don't forget to use the built in updater in the personal and rezzer version to get the new features.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something Green

We have a number of plants out for sale around our inworld shop, including Blackeye Susans, Daisies, and Grass.

Each are 1 prim and Copy/Mod and large in size.
There are also a couple Grape Vines. 4 prims and flexi they look like they are spreading out trying to catch something to climb on.

For the green thumb we have a Greenhouse. Built using a number of sculpties with old wooden planks and stretched green shade cloth.

23 or24 prims and comes with or without the dirt ground. Available at both our inworld shop and the SL Marketplace.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cuddle Rowboat Update

We have released an update to the Cuddle Rowboat range, low prim and HD models. This update includes a feature that allows the boat to be drivable while cuddling.

While driving, the rower can touch the boat and select Position from the menu, this will display a choice of Rower, Female, and Male. Selecting male will move the driver from the rower position and placed onto the male pillow position without standing up and will remove the oars and start the cuddle animation.

the boat is not drivable if sat on the pillows directly, must start on the main driving seat them using the menu move to the cuddle position.

Cuddle Rowboats can be found on the SL Marketplace or by visiting the inworld store to see the full range.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Fishing Village

It's been a while, but us at TUFF have been hard at work with a new area we're calling the Fishing Village located in our North Of Elements sim.

The Fishing Village is full of structures including little sheds, large houses, boats, cabins, paths and plants. Around the village is a long walkway going around most of the sim and centred around the main TP point for the sim.

The main feature of the village are the large houses overlooking the walkways and ocean around. The smaller Old Wood House:
This house is made of old thick wood and includes large decking and a upper level loft with a massive window and glass doors. The lower level of the house is large and open with a staircase on one side with a back door under the stairs.

Also in the area and based off the smaller house is the Large Old Wood House:
Wider and slightly longer, this house has a much larger upper loft area and includes the same massive loft window and glass doors. On the lower level is a back dock cut into the house and is surrounded by windows and glass doors.
Included in this larger house is door security and window privacy. House settings are handled by a Control Box on the lower back wall. Manual for the large house can be found on the right column in this blog.

Connecting the different areas of the village is a path, including a dirt path:
This path is part of a collection of dirt paths and ground coverings found next to the main North Of Elements TP point. The pack includes 3 different strength dirt paths and 2 different ground coverings which we've used under a few sheds.

A small island next to the village has a number of fishing related structures, one of which is a dry dock with a sailboat on it.
The dry dock is made from sculpted polls holding the blue & white sailboat up high.

Also on the island is a large fishing boat display. This boat is not drivable and is full of detail in a moldy dark wood texture and big crain on the back.
A number of seats are included around the boat, including a fishing animation and fishing rod giver.

The Fishing Village can be found at North Of Elements and has links back to our main sim for boats.
Items can also be found on Xstreet and now the new SL Marketplace.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fishing Boat Dock Updates

Latest round of updates continuing from last week now includes the Fishing Boat Dock Rezzer pack.

Using Sculpted planks and poles, the 3 docks in the pack look more realistic with rough edges. Like with the other Dock Rezzers the prim count has dropped by half, with the large dock above using 25 prims, the medium in the picture directly above using 16, and the small dock shown below using 6.

As well, we've updated the Docks to use the new online Help guides too. Updates available using the Dock Rezzer's built in update feature.

The Dock Rezzer pack is available at our inworld shop and also available at Xstreet:
Fishing Boat Dock Rezzer Pack: Link

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cuddle Rowboat & Motorboat Dock Update

Continuing with yesterdays update, we've released the next version of Cuddle Rowboat Dock Rezzers and Motorboat Dock Rezzer. Both low prim Cuddle Rowboat and HD types are included with the update.

With these Dock Rezzers we've changed the decking to sculpts like yesterdays Boathouse update, reducing the total prims and adding a more damaged and rustic feel to the docks. The prim count as basically halved with the HD Cuddle Rowboat dock at 9 prims, low prim Cuddle Rowboat dock using 6, and the Motorboat dock using 8 prims.

As well, we've updated the Docks to use the new online Help guides too. Updates available using the Dock Rezzer's built in update feature.

All Dock Rezzers available at our inworld shop and also available at Xstreet:
Blue Cuddle Rowboat HD Dock Rezzer - Link
Cuddle Rowboat HD Dock Rezzer - Link
Blue & White Motorboat Dock Rezzer - Link

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boathouse Updates

Big round of updates coming over this week, but first we've released an update to our boathouses for the Rowboat HDs. First time since it's original release the boathouse structure has been modified.

Main part of this update is the planks of the decking, been changed from individual prims to sculpts. With this we've been able to get a look more suited for the boathouse and the TUFF style with the planks damaged edges and rough look. Using the sculpts the boathouse's prim count has been reduced by 10 prims, 24 in total for the boathouse rezzers and 23 for the boathouse structure.

Also in this update and more for the new customers is a change in the Help guide in the way of an online solution and removed the notecards (More about this in another post).
Updates available using the Rezzer's built in update feature or contact us for a copy.

Boathouse Rezzers and Structure available for purchase inworld at our shop or through Xstreet:
Wooden Rowboat HD Boathouse - Link
Blue & White Rowboat HD Boathouse - Link
Boathouse - Link

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Old Bridge

Our new bridge, held up high by long poles the bridge seems unstable and falling apart.

Sculpted poles, supports and planks, the bridge has a run down and old rustic look with damaged edges and missing planks with gaps. Using dark and worn textures that make the bridge appear to be overused and battled by the elements.The bridge uses 18 prims.

Available at our shop now.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Deck and Cabin

Our latest item is a plank deck on poles with a small cabin on it.

Using sculpted poles and planks with damaged edges on them and a door that opens and closes. It fits right in with the style of our other buildings and is a great place for fishing or having a boat setup next to.
Total structure is 27 prims and comes packaged with some small fishing items for display like our fishing chair with rod giver.

Available at our shop now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Motorboat

Using our new White & Green texture we have a new motorboat.

Unlike our other motorboats this version doesn't have cuddle pillows at the front, so it uses less prims than the others, 11 in total. Also the boat uses a different motor on the back, using simple sculpts and rusted textures.
Comes in Personal and single prim Rezzer versions it's available at our shop and Xstreet now.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Texture and Boats

We have released a new boat texture, old White & Green. This new texture has been put onto our Sailboat and our Cuddle Rowboat HD.

Cuddle Rowboat White & Green HD:
Just like our other Cuddle Rowboats, this boat has cuddle pillows at the front of the boat, a female sit at the back and the driver in the middle.

Made with 25 prims it has a smooth shape like all our HD boats.
Comes in Personal and single prim Rezzer versions, it's available at our shop and Xstreet.

White & Green Sailboat:
This sailboat is slightly different to our normal larger sailboats. It's sail is very degraded to suit the new boat texture, and it has less prims because of a new rudder, 9 in total.

Comes in Personal and single prim Rezzer and available at our shop and Xstreet.