Friday, May 20, 2011

The Lighthouse

Lighting the way is our new Old Wood Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a large wood building standing 42m high.

Sitting at the top is a light beam that spins around with a light glow. On the base is a generator, old and spilling smoke, the generator is connected to the light beam up the top by spinning poles through the centre of the building.

The main room near the top has doors made from scrap tin and slightly boarded up windows. The doors have security built in and can be left open.

Door settings and operations are controled by the Control Box in the main room. By default the main operations which handles the generator and light beam turn on and off depending on sim time, turning on when dark, or operations can be forced on or off.

An offsim version is also available which sits inside a rocky reef. The offsim has reduced features including doors/security but has an added standing cuddle animation on the top deck.

The lighthouse uses a ground space of 18x18m. 69 prims and is built using sculpted and mega prims. Both insim and offsim versions can be found at our inworld shop or on the marketplace.