Friday, May 20, 2011

Model 2 Rowboat Release & Cuddle Rowboat Update

It's been a while since the last update, first up the release of the Model 2 Rowboat.

The Model 2 Rowboat is a high quality rowboat that can change textures with 5 schemes built in. Colour scheme change uses 1 script and is availble in the personal boat using the owner menu and the rezzer version which is clickable on the main face.

Introducing a new feature with the rowboat is the ability to drive the boat while cuddling on the pillows. While rowing the driver can touch the boat and change Position to one of the cuddle pillows and back again. Sitting directly on a cuddle pillow will leave the boat idle.
The Model 2 also has a fishing animation seat and rod giver built in.

The Model 2 Rowboat can be found at our inworld shop or on the marketplace.

With the release of the Model 2 Rowboat and the drivable cuddle feature, we have updated all our cuddle rowboats with this new feature. Don't forget to use the built in updater in the personal and rezzer version to get the new features.