Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boathouse Updates

Big round of updates coming over this week, but first we've released an update to our boathouses for the Rowboat HDs. First time since it's original release the boathouse structure has been modified.

Main part of this update is the planks of the decking, been changed from individual prims to sculpts. With this we've been able to get a look more suited for the boathouse and the TUFF style with the planks damaged edges and rough look. Using the sculpts the boathouse's prim count has been reduced by 10 prims, 24 in total for the boathouse rezzers and 23 for the boathouse structure.

Also in this update and more for the new customers is a change in the Help guide in the way of an online solution and removed the notecards (More about this in another post).
Updates available using the Rezzer's built in update feature or contact us for a copy.

Boathouse Rezzers and Structure available for purchase inworld at our shop or through Xstreet:
Wooden Rowboat HD Boathouse - Link
Blue & White Rowboat HD Boathouse - Link
Boathouse - Link