Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cuddle Rowboat & Motorboat Dock Update

Continuing with yesterdays update, we've released the next version of Cuddle Rowboat Dock Rezzers and Motorboat Dock Rezzer. Both low prim Cuddle Rowboat and HD types are included with the update.

With these Dock Rezzers we've changed the decking to sculpts like yesterdays Boathouse update, reducing the total prims and adding a more damaged and rustic feel to the docks. The prim count as basically halved with the HD Cuddle Rowboat dock at 9 prims, low prim Cuddle Rowboat dock using 6, and the Motorboat dock using 8 prims.

As well, we've updated the Docks to use the new online Help guides too. Updates available using the Dock Rezzer's built in update feature.

All Dock Rezzers available at our inworld shop and also available at Xstreet:
Blue Cuddle Rowboat HD Dock Rezzer - Link
Cuddle Rowboat HD Dock Rezzer - Link
Blue & White Motorboat Dock Rezzer - Link