Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Fishing Village

It's been a while, but us at TUFF have been hard at work with a new area we're calling the Fishing Village located in our North Of Elements sim.

The Fishing Village is full of structures including little sheds, large houses, boats, cabins, paths and plants. Around the village is a long walkway going around most of the sim and centred around the main TP point for the sim.

The main feature of the village are the large houses overlooking the walkways and ocean around. The smaller Old Wood House:
This house is made of old thick wood and includes large decking and a upper level loft with a massive window and glass doors. The lower level of the house is large and open with a staircase on one side with a back door under the stairs.

Also in the area and based off the smaller house is the Large Old Wood House:
Wider and slightly longer, this house has a much larger upper loft area and includes the same massive loft window and glass doors. On the lower level is a back dock cut into the house and is surrounded by windows and glass doors.
Included in this larger house is door security and window privacy. House settings are handled by a Control Box on the lower back wall. Manual for the large house can be found on the right column in this blog.

Connecting the different areas of the village is a path, including a dirt path:
This path is part of a collection of dirt paths and ground coverings found next to the main North Of Elements TP point. The pack includes 3 different strength dirt paths and 2 different ground coverings which we've used under a few sheds.

A small island next to the village has a number of fishing related structures, one of which is a dry dock with a sailboat on it.
The dry dock is made from sculpted polls holding the blue & white sailboat up high.

Also on the island is a large fishing boat display. This boat is not drivable and is full of detail in a moldy dark wood texture and big crain on the back.
A number of seats are included around the boat, including a fishing animation and fishing rod giver.

The Fishing Village can be found at North Of Elements and has links back to our main sim for boats.
Items can also be found on Xstreet and now the new SL Marketplace.